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Truth On The Web Ministries has undertaken some serious studies of the calendar and this page provides links to the research papers from those efforts. We believe what God tells us through His Word, and from there we walk by faith. Our understanding of Scripture indicates that months are to be determined by New Moon (visible crescent) sightings confirmed by two or three witnesses. The Bible also declares the first month of the year to be at a time when the Middle East area barley crop is in a stage called "abib." Many different ideas of the calendar abound in the various organs of the Church of God. It is our hope that each individual take it to God in prayer and Bible study, and follow as the spirit of God convicts. Truth On The Web Ministries does not condemn anyone keeping the holydays according to the Calculated Rabbinical Calendar (CRC), or other schedule, or who is using any different determination of what constitutes a 'new moon'---as long as each person follows his course by conviction of faith. The Body of Christ cannot be spiritually divided by such physical things, but we encourage everybody to undertake a study of the calendar strictly from the Holy Scriptures and through prayer and fasting for truth to be revealed.

"These are the Feasts of the Eternal, even sacred assemblies, which you shall proclaim in their appointed times."(Leviticus 23:4)

Projected Times for 2020
Passover Feast of
Pentecost Day of Shouting /
Day of
Feast of
8th Day
Number of
April 8 April 9-15 May 31 September 19 September 28 October 3-9 October 10 12 or 13

All dates are to be observed from the sunset previous to the dates listed through the sunset of listed dates
For example, Pentecost in May 2020 would to be observed from the sunset of May 30th through sunset of May 31st

The projected dates below are based on first new moon visibility, at Jerusalem. All listed dates should be confirmed by report of actual new moon visibility.

*Some years have two different possibilities for the first month, and as such, both are presented. Each year's beginning should be confirmed by report of the barley crop (abib) in Israel.

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Exercise discernment in visiting their sites.
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